1. Shaan

    I am using tikona connection for 2 years and till now I am not facing any major problems with
    connectivity as such, I am currently using 4 Mbps plan, before that I was using 2Mbps plan with
    which I was not happy that much.. I used to face some issue ..After that I changed my plan to 4Mbps plan, it works very smoothly and happy with the speed it gives without any network issues..Till now had no major problems as such with tikona services. Tech support team are very supportive and helpful ..Supplied router was very good and extremely easy to setup and configure got some helpful guide from the Tikona website forum. If i have to rate their customer service ill give 7 out of 10.

  2. Cibin cherien

    Tikona little less expensive compared to other broadband. I’m using their 2 Mbps plan currently and receiving a download speed of around 2.20 mbps on the speed tests…I download a lot from torrentz, and have a satisfactory download speed on it. Their customer service has improved signifigantly over the past year.

    • Sajeesh

      After using tikona fpr almost 10 months now all i can say that I am satisfied with the connectivity. Only during raining seasons you might face issues only for few days. I love the download speed for sure.

      However i hate their customer service format. Though their engineers are good it is difficult to contact them as their number is always busy.

  3. Sajeesh

    Hi Jaspinder. Please always have patience with tikona. Overall i can not say that im pretty satisfied, but in the end they are far better than their competitors

  4. Tanvi Jadeja

    Sajeesh, glad you liked Tikona. I was scouring the internet and was quite shocked to see such negative reviews of Tikona. I have been using their internet for the last several months and I have had a positive experience. You’ve written a nice article, kudos! Also, I’ll probably give them a 7/10 on speed, it’s much better than the local cable broadband many people use.

    • Sajeesh

      So far so good. Most if the time i get speed that has been promised as per the plan taken. I have a 2mbps unlimited download plan for which i pay around 1000 bucks. I am happy till now.

  5. Rohit Padiyar

    So the million dollar question Sajeesh, what’s your pick? Wireless broadband or old school cable type broadband? I have used both Tikona and a local broadband ISP, they both seem to be good.

  6. Sajeesh

    Hi Rohit. I would still prefer wired connection as Tikona’s roof top router is susceptible to adverse weather conditions. However, all wired broadband providers near my location are either expensive or uave poor service, hence Tikona is the best option.

    • Sajeesh

      I can understand. When i was using it during my stay in Borivali, I used to call them literally everyday as most of the time it was down. They i learnt about the restarting things which cut the escalations by atleat 70%.

  7. Singeeth

    I have to tell that I am using Tikona for more than 6 months and never experienced any issue with connection. Yes, even the speed is very good. I use the 2 Mbps unlimited plan, and I get up to 250 Kbps during streaming. I guess this is far better than other ISPs out there. Ignore the bad reviews and go for Tikona. It works.

  8. Murli Gonthan

    I stay in Bhandup, Mumbai and have been using Tikona Broadband’s flexi plan with 2 Mbps for more than five years now. As a trusted customer, now I get 10% discount on my yearly packages. In these years of service, I have hardly called the customer support and that too during cases of outage, etc. The usual guys who come to check the speed and connection are polite and do their job well. I think Tikona is far better than those other local operators who employ cheap tactics and materials to serve their customers…

  9. Shashank Krishnan

    This is one of the few honest reviews I have seen of the ISP brand. Even I am using Tikona Broadband for some months now and I have not experienced any issues with respect to the speed, connection, or customer service. Once I call them up regarding an power issue and they resolved it within 24 hours. My review of the internet provider is 7 stars out of 10.

  10. Abhinav Jain

    I am using Tikona feom last 8 Months..initially it was not working properly then I raised a complaint then somehow they manage to resolve.But from last one month I am not at all satisfied withthe service and technical suppprt team.My internet works 2 or 3 hours out of 24 hours which also doean’t guarantee of smooth connection.I called up several times to call center for the help but they redirected me to other department but all in vail.At last I call my area sales man with whom I connected for installation initially.He told me drop a mail from my office if you are not able to use the internet and asked me that mention in mail that “Internet connection and service is “Bakwaas” of Tikona and asked them to close the connection.I was not expecting thia type od answer from Tikona Representative.

  11. Abhinav Jain

    I am using Tikona from last 8 Months..initially it was not working properly then I raised a complaint then somehow they manage to resolve.But from last one month I am not at all satisfied with the service and technical support team.My internet works 2 or 3 hours out of 24 hours which also doesn’t guarantee of smooth connection.I called up several times to call center for the help but they redirected me to other department but all in vain. At last I call my area sales man with whom I connected for installation initially.He told me drop a mail from my office if you are not able to use the internet and asked me that mention in mail that “Internet connection and service is “Bakwaas” of Tikona and asked them to close the connection.” I was not expecting this type of answer from Tikona Representative.I am still not able to use internet

  12. Not Sajeesh Nair

    Abhinav Jain – you saved me. I was going to buy tikona today in borivali . I though , I managed to negotiate 4mbps for Rs 750 and 50GB under FUP. Now i know , how they agreed. Their internet must be truly bakwas.

  13. Shamiya Ansari

    I am using Tikona Broadband from last 2 years good Services, the speed of the internet they provide is very good..from my standpoint I review that Tikona provides best internet service in Mumbai
    which plan do you use and what speed you get for that plan?

      • Shamiya Ansari

        That’s Great!! i use the unlimited plan with 1mbps for 649 per month but thinking of changing the plan because now i am in final year of BSC IT and i will require more bandwidth.
        Which one would you recommend? i was thinking of a plan with 2mbps..
        (Any idea when Tikona 4G will release in Mumbai)

  14. Sajeesh Nair

    Yes. You can upgrade to the plan I am using. Let them know that you need unlimited download at 2mbps without FUP limit. It is the cheapest if compare with other providers.

    No idea on tikona 4g.

  15. pankaj

    Hey hii actually I am facing a problem every day for 7-8 hrs and neither does their coustumer service helps nor the engineers they send are helpful. Even after their engineers visit the same problem arises. My 3 neighbours are using the same services but theirs is working very nicely.what’s the problem with my connection. I really need help as I am not having any good ISP ‘s in my area.

    • Sajeesh

      Hi Pankaj. Could be an issue with the roof top device. If you have access to it just see how many ports are there in it (generally there are 4). If you see an unused port, remove the cable (your own, not your neighbour’s) and insert in that unused port. See if it works.

  16. pankaj

    Actually only my line is connected to that device and that device seems to be an older version device. Mine didn’t work when I by myself tried to pulg it in some body else’s device. Are the devices configure to our connection. Or should I tell them to change the device and replace it by a new one

  17. Drishti Shinde

    Well my experience with Tikona has been good. Their customer services are also good and I get 250 Kbps speed which is also nice. My Uncle had reviewed Tikona and had suggested me. And I’m glad he did! Tikona is better than my other internet service provider.

  18. Neelam Rane

    Thats really a handful info you have shared in your post. I am using tikona wireless broadband services from past 8 months, but was not aware of all these technical specifications. Whenever my internet was not working I use to call their customer care and they use to solve my problems. I have never faced problems related to internet speed. I paid for 2mbps and getting it. In monsoon when it rains heavily, at that time the speed slows down, otherwise no issues for internet speed. I am satisfied with their service and internet speed.

  19. Chaitali Tapase

    My feedback for tikona is good, they can be best if they solve the issue of disconnection during monsoon. I can understand that rains affects the connectivity for all service providers but if tikona comes up with some unique solution then they can be leading market. I am using tikona from last 14 months and i am very much happy with their service and internet speed. I have never faced any problems with their customer care as reported by others. I think on an average I got my problems solved within 3 days of my complaint. So that’s pretty much good.

  20. Sarika

    Thanks for your review!! Recently I shifted to Mumbai from Chennai and looking for good Internet service provider.. heard about Tikona from my new neighbours as they are using Tikona services from long back and their review for the same was quite decent and mainly the primary thing which is expected from any ISP is good speed with reasonable price and I just wanted your suggestion for which plan should I opt I mean like maximum benefit at good price 2Mbps or 4Mbps?

    • Sajeesh

      Whether 2 or 4 MBPS, it depends on your budget. I am using 2 MBPS unlimited since last 3 years now. It is good for youtube streaming at 480 mbps which is the primary reason on using high speed.

  21. Sakshi Shah

    Hi Sajeesh your review was very informative. I am from Nagpur and I am confused as my average usage of the internet is 40-50 GB a month and my internet service provider doesn’t provide me good speed. So I was planning to switch to Tikona. It would be very kind if you can suggest which plan should I go for?

  22. Pooja Mehta

    From last two years I have tried various internet services but always I used to get disappointed, one of my friend has given me her review that Tikona is far better than other ISP as she is using from long back. Now, I am having great experience after switching to Tikona. Currently i am using 4 Mbps plan amazing speed.

  23. Priya

    I have installed Tikona Broadband 5 months back. And after reading your review I guess, I had the same experience. Speed is good specially at night. And there is no problem of buffering even if 5-6 devices are connected at a time and are downloading huge files. Whenever I have any problem, the customer care executive is always there to solve my problem.

  24. Allene

    I am using Tikona Broadband’s Medium usage-4 Mbps plan. It’s been a year now. In my review their fulfillment of services is comprehensive. There have been only a few times when there is downfall in the speed and which is also for a genuine reason.

  25. Deepti Patil

    My review for tikona broadband is very good. I liked the technology they are using. My home is now a complete wifi connection. I can sit in any corner of the room and access fast internet. I really appreciate tikona’s service. Its affordable and very reliable.

  26. Aniket Sawant

    this review was very much helpful. i wanted to buy a internet connection for home use and i am very heavy user mostly downloading movies. what plans does tikona broadband have? And do they give fast speeds?

  27. Hetal Parekh

    hello sajeesh, i found this tikona review very useful. i live in mumbai right now but i am going to shift to bangalore very soon. i will need a new internet connection there. so can you tell me more about tikona broadband bangalore? what are the plans and speed?

  28. Karan Shetye

    Thank you for this review. Was looking for some indepth tikona review and this was very much helpful. The tikona broadband plan seems to suit my requirements. Will definately buy this internet connection.

  29. Vimal Deshpande

    Cheers for this Tikona review. Tikona broadband sounds good after reading this. Thinking of getting myself this connection.

  30. Sneha Nair

    Hey Sajeesh,

    R u still using Tikona connection? How is your experience these days? Actually I also want to take a new broadband connection, so it would be great if you can share your present review about tikona. Thanks in Advance. 🙂

  31. Rajdeeep

    Hi Sajeesh,

    Recently I got connection of Tikona. I observe if home router by mistakenly switched off and we switched again then internet do not gets connected. Broadcast light does not flashes. We have to call engineer and he has to make arrangements in roof top antenna and the internet starts. I’m fed of this because you cant call engineer every time if router switches off . Please suggest anything.


  32. Ashok Singh

    Hey, i am using tikona broadband service since last 7 months…truly i never had such a bad experience then tikona…worst service ever…paying more then 1000 for 6mbps speed a month..but never get download speed more then 60 kbps….totally this guys are cheater..done so many complaints but received only one answer your issue is been resolved. My cable wala is better then tikona service. Always get harrasment call from tikona representatives. Just to warn you guys i am posting my experience. Please dont go for tikona.

    Bye take care

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