1. Rajiv sharms

    I totally agree what you have said. I’ve been clled for such rides but I always declined it. Infact I asked one of my fellow rider why did she attend the so called ride for cause, she said its very human..I again asked her what would the people or victims would get if you ride with a banner in ur hand, she was confused and couldn’t answer basic question. I love riding and a part of IBR..We do understand and havr same feelings for such insane activitues like the others do but instead of ruding from point A to B is foolishness..instead we perform a community service program and spend our time with the needy ones..I am happy and proud to be associated with such activities.

  2. Sajeesh

    Well said Rajiv Bhai… somehow in our group we have the same thought process. that’s why collectively we stay out of it.

  3. Aditya jaiswal

    Agree with u Sajeesh bhai
    There r many Club and individual who ride for cause and at end of the day wat ur giving to the person for whom u organised ride???

    • Sajeesh

      Indeed Aditya. I am not saying that “all” such rides are like this. There are many clubs who does it very nicely and end up doing good for the cause. But most of the rides for which I receive an invite are just “useless”.

  4. san jalan

    I agree with you my friend (The conclusion) is the practical answer to all awareness rides .i also try to do not attend any sort of ride like this (try my best to avoid ) …. and i do my annual social contribution directly towards the organization who gives free education and school stuff to children aged below 18 years to make them better citizen of Country and the money goes to safe hands and can see how they utilize the money …

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