1. sachin

    hi i need to know where exactly this mundan ceremony happened inside temple campus or out side we are tinking of the mundan ceremony get done with the blessings of sri Sai Baba but have no idea i read ur blog couldnt find out where i can get the mundan ceremony done. please reply asap as we are leaving on 9th of dec.

    • Sajeesh

      Sorry for replying late. It was not actually a ceremony but we went to a local barber shop just next to the hotel where we stayed.

  2. Vishal Jaiswal

    I am going to Shirdi for Darshan and my son’s Mundan. Please let me know if mundan ceremony can be done in Temple permises. if yes where and to whom we need to contact.

    Thanks in advance for reply

    • Sajeesh

      I havent seen Mundan ceremony happening in the premises. I did my son’s Mundan at a local barber shop as he told me that it is not allowed inside.

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