I, Suresh Yadav, Born on 25/08/1992 in Matushree Gomati Hospital, Goregaon, Mumbai,

    I received birth certificate from KW ward of MCGM but My name is not stated as my father didnt recorded name at that time.

    On my school Certificate date of birth is different from actual date of birth.

    My father’s name too is little wrong in spelling in my birth certificate.

    I want to Add my name in my birth certificate

    Please guide me via sending email that what kind of documents & affidavit is required to add my name & correct my father;s name spelling.

    Thanking You,

    Suresh Yadav.

    • Durgesh Nadkarni

      Hi Suresh. I have the exact same problem as you. At the ward office (F North) they are not ready to make any changes except correct my fathers name based on two documents that state my fathers correct name- and these have to be dated before the childs birth (ie. my birth).
      I have attached many documents… birthcertificate issued by the private hospital (at the time of birth), PAN card, passport and school leaving certificate… but they are not willing to change the DOB by one day and add my name to the certificate.
      They can pull out old records for a fee of Rs 2 from their HO but it takes time and many trips for followups
      But they will go only by what they have on their record books. Your record comes back from the HO in the form of an ‘utara’ or an extract from the HO.

      If you have done this succeasfully please let others know how it is done. I have failed in my attempt yet sharing my experience.


  2. Gavin

    Thanks Sajeesh…your suggestions were very helpful. Its nice to find a kind soul who takes the time to blog such stuff. Just wanted to add a few points 1. The birth certificate form has to be taken from the first floor, Counter 102.
    2. You also need to attach a id proof copy..there ia a Xerox shop at the entrance. 3. You can collect copies irrespective of the ward your baby was born in. The data is now centralised.

    The entire process was completed very fast despite going during lunch hour.

    Thanks again


  3. Anky

    Absolutely comprehensive and useful blog. Now that you mention I am wondering did the nurse actually give any slip to be shown to the municipal authorities?
    Also would be good to know if this process can be done online to avoid hassles of going to the office in person.

    • Sajeesh

      Nurse didnt give any slip for official use. She just gave me a slip containing contact info and a some date after which I should visit the office. There is no online process that Im aware of.

  4. PSood

    Hi Sajeesh, thanks for the informative post. One question .. if baby’s last name/surname is not printed on the birth certificate wont there be a problem later in school admissions etc?

    • Sajeesh

      PSood. I guess first name should be ok for school admission purpose. However, as we may face inconsistent and ever changing practices in India, it will be highly advisable to get the secondname updated in the certificate. Pls talk to the authorities immediately.

  5. Suri

    Thanks for the quick guidance .
    A little update ..
    The office opens at 9am , best to reach by 8:45am
    Take the form , make the payment . In the meanwhile the doctor is also there by 9:30 who signs and stamps the certificates.

    A very simple procedure.


  6. virendra singh

    sir, i want to know i was born on 1989 at home no record with me at this time except voting card and pan card i have and nothing else how can i get birth certificate

    please guide and give contact details

  7. PN


    Was just reading through this blog for procuring birth certificate. I stay in Andheri -East, Mumbai. My child was born in Fortis, Navi Mumbai. I did receive a letter from fortis on the birth. Not sure if you know but checking where I need to go for birth certificate. The Mumbai municipal office or Navi Mumbai.

    Thanks in advance

  8. MMV

    Thanks for sharing information.
    I got my son’s certificate from Chembur (M/W ward) municipal office and would like to share the experience.
    I went to collect certificate after month of his birth.

    Ward Office – M/W WARD, CHEMBUR
    Where To Go – CFC – to get form and 2nd FLOOR – form submission
    When To Go – ANY WEEKDAY (9.30 AM)
    Check Status on – http://crsorgi.gov.in/web/index.php/auth/birthPublicSearch


    – Had carried photocopy of my voter’s id. (You can carry photo identity proof either pan card/passport/license etc as mentioned in previous comments.)
    – Once you reach office building, go to CFC (Customer Facilitation Centre) at ground floor and collected the form mentioned in this article.
    – The guy giving the form asked the name of the hospital and gave the form. Filled the same with required details with blue ball point pen. (You can fill it with any pen)
    – Take a photocopy of above filled form and go to 2nd floor to submit the original form.
    – Had reached office on 2nd floor at 10 am but official asked to wait as they start proceedings at 10:30 am.
    – At 10:30 am, the officer collected the form and asked to come after 2-4 days and collect the copies of certificate once the baby’s name is entered in the system.
    – I asked whether it could be don earlier as I had taken off from work but he mentioned it would not be possible.

    B) 1 WEEK LATER:
    – I went to 2nd floor and told officer that still my child’s name was not reflecting in MCGM portal but later I found that link I was referring (mentioned in this blog to check the status – http://www.mcgm.gov.in/irj/portal/anonymous/qlbirthcertificate ) was outdated
    – The new link is :
    – The officer showed that my child’s name was there in above link and mentioned to go to ground floor to collect the copies.
    – There was a queue where I had to wait for 20 mins and when my turn came, had to pay Rs. 30 for 5 copies.
    – I saw that official was accessing the same new link mentioned above for ordering the prints. Out of curiosity I asked that whether I could take this print-outs from anywhere?
    – She nodded and told that they have made everything online (even sign and stamp of medical officer) to ease the procedure and help the public. She mentioned that they are charging Rs. 6 / copy just for color printout.
    – I thanked her and told that would spread this news to all my friends.
    Then, I collected 5 computer generated certificates and left for the day.

    The process is much simpler now as compared to previous mentioned experiences except had to wait for a week because of I was referring to outdated link.
    Hope it helps someone.

    • Sajeesh

      Thanks for sharing your experience Mr Vora. I will provide a link to this comment so that someone can be benefitted out of this information.

  9. Afra Pereira

    This is not a reply or a comment, this is my own problem:

    I, Mrs. Afra Pereira have applied for corrections in the parents’ names on our sons’ birth certificates registered with the G South Ward, Elphinstone, nearly a month back and made 4 visits to the G South Ward office. They are not giving any written response to our application but just told us to bring a letter from the hospital there were born. Unfortunately, the hospital has closed down and there is no way we can get the letter. We don’t know where they have stored the old records as all the main doctors are no more. We tried to explain our situation to the Ward officer but he is insisting on the letter from the Hospital. We even tried to show them our Affidavits, but they are not ready to see even. Under these circumstances, whom should I approach? Please help. Thanks in advance.

  10. Paul

    My daughters birth certificate is handwritten. I wanted in a printed format .How do i go about it BMC andheri east.

  11. Sachin

    Thanks for sharing, the information is very helpful. I have a question. I was born in Andheri now have shifted to Dadar;to apply for my birth certificate do I have to go to Andheri ward office or I can get it in Dadar itself?

  12. Manoj

    Experience at Bhandup BMC office.
    We had not given baby name in the hospital so we had to go to Bhandup office only. Our hospital was Hiranandani powai. If u give baby name in the hospital at the time of birth itself then you can vist any BMC office it seems.
    Once at bmc office, i collected one form at ground floor customer care and submitted the filled copy on 4th floor. There they entered baby name in central database and gave me the regn number back in about 10 min. Told to go back to customer care. Back down…they told that we can print on line. …and in case v want printed copy from them then need to wait till 12 noon. Since it was still 10 am only, so i left. Printed the cert on line later. No cost charged for online.

  13. Mumbaikar

    Now you can get the colour printout of the computerized Birth certificate online in PDF format by searching by Date of birth, Gender, State/District and Mother/Father name.

    This is through a Central Govt website – http://crsorgi.gov.in/

    As I could see, you may even be able to print out the certificate without baby name without even visiting the BMC office !
    But to get the name on the certificate, you need to visit the BMC office associated with the hospital first where birth happened. Ensure you write the complete name of the baby in the form if you prefer it this way -> First Name-Father’s Name-Surname.

    Its NOT possible to change this later, so be careful. Ensure all details are correct before printing multiple copies of the certificate. Printouts can be taken from your local BMC ward office or CFC at a nominal cost. I paid 150 for 20 copies.
    BMC K-West Ward Contact +91 22 26239131

    • Sajeesh

      Thanks for sharing this info. I couldnt find copies of my son’s birth certificate and was wondering how to get duplicate ones in color. Your post has helped me a lot.

  14. Hey, I have problem in my birth certificate. In my birth certificate my father name is printed as Mitesh Shivaji G…, but actually proper name is Motilal Shivji G….
    There Promblem is Both name
    First is Mitesh but correct one is Motilal.
    Second is Shivaji but corret one is Shivji.
    As b.m.c officer need minimum three documents of before my birth of joint identity of mother and father which is very difficult. My birthdate is 01/08/1997 in andheri west. Pls help me

  15. Vishal Jaiman

    Hi, I need some clarity on who is responsible to submit the birth report to BMC. My hospital gave me the birth report form after over 3 weeks of delivery and asked me to draft an affidavit for late submission.

    After talking with BMC official, they were surprised me carrying the original form and after a lot of to and fro discussion they kept the form and affidavit and asked me to visit later.

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