Sajeesh Nair profileHey! I’m Sajeesh, 20 years old (as of October 2002). Took up blogging in 2007 and have been on/off since then. Tried to become serious in 2009, but could not hang on. Though Writing and Reading are not my enemy, sometimes I try to shy away showing my written expression & feeling.  Till date I still couldn’t understand that why do people blog and why blog is called “blog”.

Anyways, I’m an IT Security professional with one of the leading wealth / business management banks. Reads pretty flamboyant, but this job is enough for me to earn basic amenities.

Now comes the big part for which I don’t hold myself back boasting about. I am the founder & head administrator of India Bull Riders – a Royal Enfield & Vintage Classic motorcycle club.  Formed in 2007 (as DBR) and later re-christened as IBR in 2010, this is one of the biggest and better biking clubs in Indian sub-continent.  Now tell me why shouldn’t I boast about it 😉

My mom is fed up of me since I spend most of my time (while at home) in front of my PC either designing a new or updating an existing website. Yes, I’m a freelance web-designer too. I love to fiddle around with OpenSource CMS software like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. You can check my little portfolio by visiting “Web Projects” page.