Mumbai to Shirdi – A different experience

Usha and Aryan

Usha and Aryan

This was my third visit to Sai Baba temple, Shirdi in a span of 4 years. This time, it was more of a family affair as my son was with us. So altogether, we were 4 – myself, my 9 months year old son Aryan, my wife and my mother in law. Another purpose of this year’s visit was to get my son’s “Mundan” (Hair cutting ceremony) done.

We started a bit late on Saturday (29th March) at around 10:30am from Mira rd (Thane) and were stuck at Fountain Signal for almost 25 minutes since traffic is open only one side at a time. Continue reading

Yuvraj Singh – changing game changer


I am a big fan of cricket, but this is my view on practical grounds.  We lost the game due to various reasons and one of them was Yuvraj’s inning. That’s the hard fact and there are many who are not ready to accept it. It’s purely their wish, but my comments are mine; yet I have full respect for Yuvi for what he did in the past.

From yesterday’s final match perspective, Yuvi was not upto the mark…period! It was a big day and our cricket team had been playing consistently & winning all the matches. But on the D-day things got out of shape. Sending Yuvi up the order (even before Raina) could have been a positive decision, but it went in vain. Nonetheless to say, it really doesn’t matter because shit happens. However, on such big day, we expect performance over anything else. It’s a do or die situation to hold up your heads high & be proud of the achievements at the end of the day.

Yes, Yuvi was not able to deliver as expected. When Kohli was able to place the ball toward right direction and middling almost all the shots to near perfection, we could expect similar tactical play from a senior player like Yuvraj. He was literally outnumber and deceived by one of the world’s best death ballers. The same baller he is capable to hit out of the ground!

It is a hard truth but Yuvi has lost the “consistency approach”.  He’s living a Sehwag era of delivering some surprises and holding his place in the squad. At a time when there is high competition in Indian cricket fraternity to get into the squad, we expect results and that too on a consistent basis.

From my perspective, even Yuvi’s inning against Aussies seemed a little out of touch. Flamboyance…where the hell it was?  He was struggling initially but a few poor deliveries brought him back in the game.

I’m a corporate guy and I know what it takes to stay ahead in the competition. If I’m expected to perform consistently to get good ratings and promotion, so does our cricketers.

A lot of cricketing fans would start searching ways to dislike my post, but this is my honest and practical view.  I’m open to discuss it further, so comment freely!

My own difference report between Joomla, WordPress and Drupal

joomla_drupal_wordpressI’ve been using Joomla, WordPress and Drupal for various personal and professional projects and here’s my straight-forward difference report.  Here I’m not going to compare each and every feature since it is already available in many websites. The below comparison on only based on my requirements and how each CMS was explored to fulfill the expectations. Continue reading

My own difference report between SMF and MYBB forum software


There are plenty of opensource Forum software (web applications) in the market. To me, a better and straightforward community based website can be built through such forum software. I use SMF and MYBB extensively eventhough there are plenty of options available. Xenforo, Vbulletin, etc. are good paid versions but SMF and MYBB can be used a very good alternatives if you can setup the site yourself.

My all time favorite free forum software had always been MYBB due to following reasons. Continue reading

Tikona Wireless Broadband review and router rebooting issue

This review is based on our experience of using Tikona internet services at 2 locations in Mumbai – Thane (one if Borivali and Mira Road) between 2012 and 2014.

Make up your mind (pre-requisites):

As they advocate that they are wireless broadband service, don’t be confused.  Tikona setup is a combination of wireless (tower to building roof top) and wired (roof top to home).  They actually install a wireless router on roof top and an Ethernet cable connects it to your PC. So, before you take a plan, ask for Demo since if your building is located in a closed area or is surrounded by lots of obstructing things like taller building towers, trees etc., they you might have to reconsider your decision.  Always confirm the distance of their main distribution tower and if it is at a huge distance then don’t go for it. Continue reading

How I got birth certificate in Mumbai through MCGM

At the time of birth while completing the formalities, usually the doctor or nurse gives clear indication about where to obtain the birth certificate.  Believe me, it is a simple process and could be done on a Saturday as well (except 2nd and last Saturday when MCGM offices are closed).  I will narrate my experience, initial challenges, and the final victory.

My son was born on 7th June in Seven Hills hospital, Andheri Marol, Mumbai. Though head nurse was telling me something about collecting birth certification from local municipal in Andheri, I wasn’t giving much attention due to obvious excitement. After a few days during a side a conversation someone asked me about the birth certification and I end up flipping through the file’s sheets only to find that little piece of chit missing that contained instructions. Continue reading

Shipping motorcycle through Gati KWE – general review

I was a bit reluctant shipping my Royal Enfield bullet through Gati KWE from Chennai to Mumbai during Rider Mania 2014 event. Left with no choice, I had to take a chance.  The reluctance was only after hearing lot of bad reviews of past shipping experiences from other riders (not only for Gati but overall).

Gati had been a regular sponsor to the RM event. They always had their stalls up and running at the event area providing round the clock services from dawn till mid-night. This was the first RM when I rode my bullet down from Mumbai all the way to Chennai. But I didn’t have plans to ride back home, so had to ship my bullet any how.

At the counter, I met a confused yet helping associate of Gati. Confused, because he was not able to provide the correct quotes and appeared a little perplexed after handling random bikers. Helping, because he had no other choice but to entertain me with all my first-timer questions. Continue reading